Katrina Kaif- Horoscope Analysis

The Eleventh House is the Home for the fulfimment of all desires. Labha or Gains is its main signification. The profit 1 makes in Lifestyle is dependent on the strength of the Eleventh House. Only if the eleventh lord is potent, can one attain achievement in any enterprise. If the eleventh lord is too powerful, anarchic characteristics may manifest !

While wearing birth stones give common tonic effect, Astrologer in California relies on complete logic to analyze the horoscope and choose the very best mixture of gems for an individual. Gems can be recommended by an astrologer for great luck and prosperity or as treatment for specific issues. The period via which a gem ought to be worn is also prescribed.

Sun is really fruitful in Aries Ascendant because of to Panchmesh Trikonapati. Sunlight will be higher right here. Despite of taking beginning in a medium course you can attain a higher profile job or publish. You can be independent minded, kind, dignified and generous. You can attain title, fame and energy. You might have to endure headache. You can be a man of substance.

Mercury- Mercury is the lord of 9th and twelfth houses and gives results of 9th house of the other home of the 12th lord. Mercury bestows good fortunes, prosperity, grace, of rulers, religious inclination and charities and so on. Weak Mercury leads to sudden reversal of fate.

As the ninth lord is in 6th, the native's father may have to face health problems. Unless proper treatment is exercised it might create into a chronic disease. Their revenge is usually cruel and swift if they feel that they have been cheated. Prosperity will be gained as a result of successful termination of father's legal problems. Money as compensation arrives to them immediately. Their father might have to encounter litigation and check here other problems. Because the 9th lord is in the 10th from the 9th, father becomes successful skillfully.

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